Garages are the go-to storage spaces. If you can’t store it in a garage, where can you? Garages have a way of attracting the accumulation of junk and clutter alongside items you use everyday. In spite of the, at times, merciless quantity of stuff filling the walls of your garage, there are a number of essential items of purpose everyone should have in their garages. No matter the function of your garage–as an average storage space or a workshop–there are a few indispensable items you’ll eventually be glad to have.

Storage Space

This may seem obvious since the garage itself may appear to be all the storage space you need, but garage storage is more than just the four walls and roof of the structure. Organizing your garage space through shelves, drawers, wall mounts, and containers gives your garage necessary storage capacity to help keep all of the important items in your garage neat and accessible. Garages tend to fill up quickly, so having the organizational infrastructure in place will help keep you items in better condition and in a single reliable place for access.

Fire Extinguishers

Many garages contain some type of flammable liquid, electronic devices, and combustible material. This means that fire extinguishers are a practical necessity to quickly address any sudden outbreak of fire. Garages that function as workspaces are especially in need of a good fire extinguisher for safety. Fire extinguishers are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes and styles that can be easily mounted on a wall, so there is no reason not to have one in the garage.

Basic Tools

Every garage should include a few basic tools and a toolbox. Even if you are not inclined to work on projects requiring the use of tools, you will at some point have to know your way around a screwdriver or wrench for some practical purpose. Keeping a toolbox stocked with the most essential tools will allow you to address a good portion of household problems. Items like: pliers, crescent wrenches, hammer, screwdrivers, socket wrenches, drill, bits, tape measure, wire cutters, duct tape, and a good assortment of nails, screws, washers, and other small components represent a nice basic tool setup.

Extension Cords, Hoses, and Shovels

For yard maintenance and everyday work around the house, these three items are often indispensable. Running power to and from the garage is often necessary and many electric powered items may require an extension cord to perform a job effectively. These are cheap and easy to store, so keep one or two on hand. Hoses are also a practical necessity in any garage. If you have a lawn or a car, or both, get one. Look for a quality hose that won’t easily kink, knot, and tear. Hoses are cheap, coil easily, and can be stored in a bin or on the wall, so there’s no reason not to have one. Shovels too are essential garage items. Want to plant a garden? Till soil? Dig a hole? These exciting activities all require shovels at some point. If you get a lot of winter snow, shovels are also a necessity. While you’re at the store pick up a couple different kinds and hang them in the garage.

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