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This case was a new one for A+. A client found us on the Internet and called us about a garage door repair. A motorcyclist had driven a motorcycle through the garage door because of a brake failure and the door was totaled. Our technician Ryan arrived on the scene and found that the damage was exactly as described, so the diagnostic part was easy. When a motorcycle plows through a garage door it is pretty obvious that the doors will need to be replaced.

Ryan quickly discussed options for replacing the doors with the client and recommended insulated steel doors over wood doors. He described the benefits of heat retention during the summer months and insulation against the cold during the winter as practical advantages of insulated steel doors. The client previously had wood doors and decided to go with steel after talking with Ryan. The installation was confirmed and A+ set to work.

A+ again set itself apart from other companies by offering a same day, quick installation of the new doors and a higher quality door for the price than other companies. Our client was able to get the wrecked doors removed and the new doors installed without missing a beat. While this was a unique case for us this time, our garage door specialist Ryan was able to quickly and efficiently resolve the problem and get the client back to more important things. A+ Garage Door’s commitment to service and quality was perfectly exemplified in our efficient response and timely delivery of brand new, high quality doors.


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