Your garage door can make up a significant portion of your home’s curb appeal, so it makes sense to want to dress it up a bit for the holiday season. Of course, when you decorate your garage door, you don’t want to do anything that might damage or break it. (In the above photo, for example, hanging a wreath on the garage door could cause you to damage the door when you engage the lifting mechanism.) Here are a few inspiring (and damage-free) ideas for how you can decorate your garage door for the holidays.

Garland over your garage door

One ultra festive idea is to hang an extra large and lush holiday garland above your garage door. (This, by the way, would go perfectly with a garland hung along the rails framing your front porch if you have one—or with an extra large wreath hung in front of the window above your garage door if there is one.) Start by hanging the middle of the garland above the middle of your garage door, and then move outward in both directions, attaching the garland to your house every few feet as you go. This will create a nice scalloped look for your holiday garland. Finish by topping each point of the garland with a giant red bow for a perfectly traditional holiday look.

Snowman face

Try creating a giant snowman face on the front of your garage door using some black circles for the eyes and mouth and an orange triangle for the nose. Choose thin, sturdy vinyl or laminate paper that won’t wrinkle or lose its color when exposed to moisture, and use damage free adhesives such as Command strips to prevent causing damage to your garage door. Just be sure that you plan where you place the pieces of your snowman’s face carefully; you don’t want to position anything right over the crack between two garage door panels! To complete your snowman, you might cut out a large black hat and adhere it to the top corner frame surrounding your garage door.

Wreaths flanking your garage door

For an extra easy option, you might try hanging some festive wreaths (or boughs of pine or holly) with red ribbon from the outdoor lamps that flank your garage door. The wreaths will frame your garage door nicely and be a welcome sight every time you come home. For an added touch of festivity, add wreaths to your front door and even your front windows as well.

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