An energy-efficient garage helps reduce the burden on your house during extreme temperatures, as well as lowering your heating and cooling costs overall. By addressing the four questions listed below, you can rest assured that your garage door is conserving energy and helping reduce the energy consumption of your home.

Is Your Garage Weatherproof? 

One of the simplest ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and garage is to install weather trim anywhere on your garage that is not airtight. Oftentimes, a garage door may not close completely throughout the length of the garage due to uneven flooring, a weather seal is a great solution to help create a barrier between the outside climate and your garage. A quality weather seal around all the entrances of the garage will make a big difference in energy efficiency.

Do You Have a Smart Garage Door Opener?

A smart opener allows you to more accurately manage the opening and closing of your garage. If you’re not sure if the garage door is closed or you need to open the door remotely, a smart opener gives you that flexibility. In most cases, you can set alarms to ensure your garage door is closed at night and during the highest temperatures of the summer. 

LiftMaster Smart Garage Door Operator connects with your cellphone

Is Your Garage Insulated? 

Another simple and effective way to improve the energy efficiency of your garage is to install insulation on your garage door and other areas of the garage. Garages may be unfinished or partially finished but can oftentimes not have insulation. The garage door itself may not be insulated as well. By adding insulation, you’re adding an extra layer of protection from the outside.

How Efficient is the Rest of Your Garage?

While your garage door is the largest entrance to your garage, other factors play a role in the energy efficiency of the space. Does your garage have windows? If so, how energy efficient are they? If the windows are older and do an insufficient job at managing temperature, replacing them may help reduce the overall temperature and increase efficiency. Do a thorough inspection of your entire garage for air leaks and other inefficiencies that may be leading to higher temperatures in your space. If you find any issues, repairing those or mitigating them will help increase the efficiency of your space.

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