Costs of a New Garage Door

If you have a covered garage, at some point you will need or want to replace the door. The overall costs of new garage doors can range anywhere from several hundred to several thousand depending on the materials, features, and sizing of the door. In addition to the costs of the door itself, there are additional easy to overlook costs to consider. The good part about all of this is that a new, quality garage door can add some value to your home when it comes time to sell. The important thing, however, is to understand the bulk costs associated with a garage door upgrade.


Primary Costs-

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  • Door Style- The style and material of the door is obviously going to make up a good part of the initial cost. Steel or wood framed doors, insulation, windows, and other details are going to factor heavily into the retail cost of the door itself. When shopping for new garage doors, consider features of doors and quality of material. While a well constructed garage door will cost more initially, the added security and potential energy savings from good insulation can benefit you over time.


  • Garage Door Openers– You’ll also want to consider the cost of an automatic garage door opener when shopping for a new door. Depending on the type of opener, these costs could range from $100 to over $300. The option for secure automatic openers may add some additional costs to this.


  • Installation- The costs to have the door installed are going to occupy a pretty significant part of the overall purchase. These costs will also vary by type of door. You will need to find a contractor to install the door, so do some research and shop around for the best bid. Find out rates for type of door, installation fees, and wiring. Prices could range from $500-3000.


Additional Costs-

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  • Entry Doors-  Spending some extra money and having an additional entry door installed along the side of the garage can be a good investment. This will ensure that you have a separate way in and out of the garage. Make sure the door is a steel frame with a good lockset to ensure proper garage security. Again, depending on the door and size, these costs can range from a couple hundred dollars to a thousand.


  • Door Widths- Consider the width of the door–double or single width. The difference between the two largely comes down to how much room you need to accommodate vehicles in the garage. Consult a garage door contractor for precise information on ideal door widths.


  • Lighting- Another important consideration is the interior and exterior lighting in a garage. Exterior lighting can be a nice aesthetic feature as well as a security feature. While the garage wiring is being done, consider requesting some exterior lighting or additional interior lighting.

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