With the Sundance film festival, skiing, hiking, and everything in between, Utah has become a popular destination for many wanting to live life large. Celebrities and those with cash to spend have taken advantage of the real estate options here, choosing to focus in part on the garage. Take a look at some of the coolest garages in Utah, and see how they compare to your own. There may be things that you can include within your own garage that stem from these extravagant options.

Royal Street Park City

Park City is known for its extravagant homes and attention to detail. The home situated on Royal Street is no exception. This home owned by the Huntsman family is settled back on 63 acres along the mountainside. It has been noted as one of the most unique homes in the entire state. Aside from the 22,000 square foot home, the two garages are massive, one large enough to hold 6 the other a staggering 22. In addition to the sheer space, this garage has air conditioning, heating, enough room for multiple car lifts, air lines, multiple storage areas, and rear vehicle entry.


Draper is home to a variety of homes from large mansions to humble ramblers. One home in particular focuses its resources on turning the garage into any auto enthusiasts dream. A detached 25 car garage rests on this acre and a half property with all the resources you could imagine. This garage includes taller than normal doors, professional showroom floor, an elevator designed for cars, high quality lighting to show off the classic cars currently inside, and more.  As magnificent as the home itself is, the garage is even greater.

The most important features

There are more owners of classic cars around Salt Lake and the surrounding areas than you might think. Because of this, the garage is more important than ever before. For the large and small garages alike, there are a few features that are absolutely essential including heating and air, lighting, and space. Before making any other changes, find a way to include these in your garage in the most functional way possible.

Across the state, there are homes that take their garage to a new extreme. Although they may not always be practical, there are aspects that can be incorporated into any garage.

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