For those who love working in their garage, the dead of summer may be an unappealing time of year without the right tools to keep you cool. Beat the summer heat and still enjoy those activities that you most love to do whether that is restoring that old car, constructing your own furniture, or just tinkering around. These ideas can help keep the air flowing in your garage, making it easy to stay cool even when the sun is blistering outside.


There should be a weatherstrip at the bottom of your garage door that seals that gap between the door and the floor. Over time, this material can become worn and ineffective. When the garage is down, look at the stripping to see how effective it is. If you notice gaps of light shining through, or even just looking at the material can tell that it is not up to the challenge, get a new weatherstripping to protect.


There are many people who have only the bare basics in their garage. By adding even just a thin layer of insulation to the walls of your garage, you will be able to keep in a good portion of the temperature you want. Whether or not you have a cooling system in your garage, the insulation will help keep things at a more manageable temperature.

Ventilation Fans

A ventilation fan can be added to the garage as a permanent fixture in the wall. If you are not experienced with the installation, you may need the help of a professional to fix this up. For the most benefit, have a ventilation fan installed on the wall directly opposite of the garage door. This should be mounted high on the ceiling to push the air down.

Add a Breeze

If nothing else, add a breeze to your garage. If you have the previously mentioned products, it would be more beneficial to leave the garage door closed as well as any windows. For those who do not yet have the benefit of weatherstripping, insulation, and ventilation fans, it may be necessary to open the windows and the garage door while working inside. This will hopefully bring a breeze that will keep you cool no matter what is thrown your way.

Stay cool in your garage this summer by investing in the products that will best insulate and keep hot air out. Much of the protection starts with investing in an insulated and protected garage door. Do your best to keep the heat of summer from ruining your garage projects.

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