Holidays are a great time to decorate your home, let us help you decorate your garage door this coming holiday season.

Halloween is coming faster than most of us want to believe. It seems that the last half of the year always flies a lot faster than the first half. Well, one thing most people seem to agree on, whether the holidays are coming fast or not, it is that decorating for holidays tends to make the holiday season more exciting.

We here at A Plus want to show you some fun ways to decorate not only for your upcoming Halloween ideas, but also for all holidays in the upcoming season.

Some preliminary warnings to keep in mind:

  • Do not add anything ¼ inch or thicker
  • Do not add anything heavier than 1 pound
  • Do not add anything that covers more than one section

Where To Decorate Garage Door

Garage doors have a lot of moving components to them, ensuring that nothing gets stuck in those parts is key to ensuring your door doesn’t break because of your decorations.

Knowing how often you use your door, you can determine where to put decorations. If you use your garage more for storage, decorating on the panels and pieces of decoration overlapping the panels will not be much of a problem. While using your garage door regularly makes it so that overlapping decorations will get caught in the moving panels, breaking at best the decorations, and at worst the door itself.

If you use your garage door more like a front door, then decorating the framing, or the garage itself might be a preferred alternative. Another great source is to use any light fixtures that may be attached to your garage, creating a great source for hanging different decorations.

Materials To Decorate Garage Door

Now that we know where to decorate we can focus on what to decorate with.

If you do not use your garage door often, a great decoration idea is using vinyl decals or using magnets. Magnets are the preferred source as they stick well and are easy to remove. Since your door won’t be moving often, you can afford to use larger ones that cover more than one panel on your door.

You can also create large silhouettes on your door if you do not use it often, or can use the door as a mouth for a monster or creature. You have the whole door to use, and can get very creative. We will get more into detail of different ideas for holidays later on.

If you do use your garage door often smaller decorations are the superior choice. You can still use vinyl decals or magnets, but they need to fit on one panel so that they do not get caught.

Anyone can use lights to decorate their garage, using the framing to hang them, or the garage itself. You can also use any light fixtures on your garage door to hang additional decorations.

Halloween Garage Door Decoration Ideas

Halloween is arguably the best time to use your garage door itself to decorate, there are a lot of creative ideas out there when it comes to garage door decorations for the spooky season.

We want to show you a few of the highlights we have come across:

Spider Web Garage Door Image
Photo credit: SOURCE

Using your whole garage as a spider web, this would be a great idea for those with darker doors, so that the spider web really stands out.

Garage Door Silhouette
Photo credit: SOURCE

Creating a silhouette with backlighting can be done on any garage door color. This can be done with string lights, or tea lights if you are looking for cheaper solutions.

This is a great idea, and can be done with any color door. If you don’t want to cover your whole door with material like in this video, find a character whose mouth would match the color of your door.

Thanksgiving Garage Door Decoration Ideas

There is a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, or anyday, but especially those new garage doors. We found some great fall themed decorations to share with you all.

Fall Garage Door Design
Photo credit: SOURCE

Using gourds, pumpkins, and wreaths to tie in that fall theme is a great way to decorate without needing to put too much effort into the door.

Garage Door Mural

Using murals on your door, either painted with watercolors, or printed ones ordered off the internet is a great way to decorate your door, and the latter is a simple solution too!

Christmas Garage Door Decoration Ideas

Christmas is another prime time for garage door decorations. Nothing really brings in that holiday spirit like decorating your home and sharing the joy with others. We wanted to share some of the Christmas decorations we liked the most.

Picture of Garage Door Decorated for Christmas | Garage Door Christmas Wreaths | Christmas Garage Decor | Garage Decorating Ideas | A Plus Garage Doors
Photo credit: SOURCE

We talked about this concept earlier, using light fixtures to hold wreaths. This is ideal for those who use their garage doors regularly, but still want to decorate their garage.

Picture at Night of Garage Door Decorated for Christmas | Garage Door Christmas Wreaths & Lights | Christmas Garage Decor | A Plus Garage Doors
Photo credit: SOURCE

Using greenery and lights is a great way to light in the garage with the rest of the home without compromising your working door. Using the framing and the garage itself to hold the decorations while keeping your door free.

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