Garage Door Checklist










Your garage door is designed to keep your belongs safe within the walls of your garage, as well as offer privacy when needed. While these doors are essential for the garage, there are some situations where this heavy piece of equipment can be damaged or fail to work properly. Make sure to pay attention to your garage door, especially as it begins to age, when the weather drastically changes during the year, or if you begin to notice anything unusual whether that is sounds, speed, or other factors. Put your garage through this checklist for garage door safety in these situations to ensure your garage door will continue safely working.


The Photoelectric Eyes


This safety device is installed in most garages to monitor someone or something rolling under the garage door while it is rolling down. When this function is not working, it can cause great harm to children or pets that move under the garage unknowingly when it is closing. Test this sensor often by starting with the garage door completely open. Push the button to start lowering the garage, and move your leg in front of the sensor. The garage should stop closing immediately and instead move up and remain open. If this does not happen, this function needs to be fixed immediately.


The Springs


The springs and coils of your garage are very tense, poised to open and close the garage as necessary. There is such a great amount of force behind each of these springs, they can be highly dangerous if not deadly for those who don’t know how to properly take care of them. Only a professional garage door repairman should tend to a garage door spring if it looks out of place. If the springs make an unpleasant high pitched noise while the door is opening, it may be time to call a professional to have this looked at.


Visually Inspect



While the big garage door is closed, stand inside the garage and visually inspect the inside looking at each component. This includes the rollers, cables, springs, and hinges. If there are signs of wear, look deeper into what might be the problem. Be cautious of fixing any of these elements yourself as they can be a danger to your safety. In addition to this, manually take the garage off the automatic track and roll it down to watch for any snags in the line.
Check these three things with your garage door on a regular basis to ensure it will remain in proper working function. While there are a few things that can be done on your own, most repairs done on the garage door require the help of a professional. Don’t put your personal safety at risk, talk with a professional before touching the tightly coiled springs of your garage door.

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