Christmastime is around the corner, and it’s not too early to start looking for deals on gifts that your loved ones are going to adore. Every family has that one person who just loves working in the garage (well, maybe not every family). Here are some gift ideas to get for the garage lover in your family that will make their lives easier in their favorite room in the house…


When working in the garage, you’re going to make a mess on most projects that you would be doing out there. Heck, that’s probably the whole reason why you’re doing the project in the garage. For this reason, a shop-vac makes an excellent gift that makes cleaning up a breeze. Rather than carting out your home vacuum, which probably isn’t very efficient at sucking up piles of sawdust and is likely to be broken, a shop-vac is an industrially efficient machine that can clean up everything from a dirty work area to the interior of a car.

Bike racks

For someone who loves to work in the garage, there is nothing worse than a cluttered garage that you can’t get around it. It’s very discourage to try to start a project, only to find out everything you need is buried behind a pile of clutter that you’ll need to move. For this reason, any type of organizational tool for a garage is going to be a great gift, but if you want to be a little more specific, a bike rack that can be hung on the wall is going to get the family bikes off of the floor, and that already makes an enormous difference.

A speaker system

Lots of people like to listen to music when they are working on a project, and people who work in the garage are no different. However, with all of the noisy tools and running around that happens in the garage, you can’t really listen to music through headphones (realistically) and listening to music off of your phone’s speaker sucks. For this reason, a speaker system that they can play off of when they are in the garage is an excellent idea. If you don’t want to get an entire speaker system, either, then you can also get a bluetooth speaker, which can be used anywhere!