A garage’s primary purpose is to protect and provide shelter for your car, so a well-fitted garage will be stocked with the right supplies to help keep your car well maintained. From cleaning fluids to car repair tools, here are some of the best things for you to keep in your garage’s car maintenance area.

Car Fluids

Though you don’t necessarily need to stock your garage with every type of fluid that goes into your car, it’s a good idea to have a reserve of some of the basics. Windshield wiper fluid is extremely affordable and often goes neglected until the wiper fluid tank goes completely dry. Keeping it in your garage will allow you to fill up the tank as soon as that wiper fluid light comes on. The same applies to oil; it’s great to have some reserve oil on hand for any emergency oil scarcities between oil changes. Antifreeze is another great fluid to keep around.

Battery Charger

While a set of jumper cables should stay in your car in the event of a breakdown, a battery charger will give your car’s battery new life once your car makes it home. This is especially important in colder months when car batteries are more prone to going dead, and for vehicles that don’t get enough use for the alternator to regularly charge the battery.

Power Drill

In case you haven’t found reason yet to invest in a power drill, this is just the tool you need to deoxidize foggy looking headlights.

Snow and Ice Removal Tools

A garage will keep your car free of snow and ice during a heavy snowstorm, but that doesn’t mean it won’t face trouble when it comes time to pull out of the driveway. A snow shovel will free your driveway of that traction-killing snow and ice, and ice scrapers and brushes will come in handy during those times when your car does spend a snowy night out on the driveway. It’s also a good idea to keep warm gloves next to these items so that your hands don’t freeze during snow and ice removal.

Cat Litter

Even if you don’t own a cat, this will come in handy when backing out of a snow filled driveway. Place some litter behind the tires that have lost traction, and your car will soon be out of that icy fix.

Car Cleaning Products

A home hand wash of your car is highly preferable over a commercial car wash; you’ll greatly reduce the risk of debris caught in commercial brushes damaging your paint. Car enthusiasts tend to keep a wide range of polishes, waxes, and buffers for their cars, but you don’t need a great many products to keep your car clean. You’ll want to keep around a small inventory of buckets, sponges, and clean towels, paired with a car exterior cleaning fluid and glass cleaner for the interior. A wet-dry vac in the garage is also a great tool to use for at-home car vacuuming.