The garage door is the biggest object in your home that will be moving on a regular basis. Because of this, there are naturally a number of safety risks that could occur around this heavy piece of equipment. Be aware of the safety features of your garage door, and ensure they are always functioning. By making the necessary changes, you will better prevent accidents from occurring, keeping everyone in your home and neighborhood safe from this danger.


Photoelectric Eye Sensor


The photoelectric eye sensor was developed to stop the garage from moving down should a person, animal, or object be resting or runs beneath the garage door. Because of the weight of the door, and the automatic function there, too many times children have been injured or even killed before parents notice their position.


In 1993 it became required by U.S. federal law that all garage doors have a photoelectric eye sensor. This is placed about six inches above the ground, and ensures that no object crosses the path of the garage door as it is closing. In addition to this, this mechanisms will reverse when it comes into contact with more than 15 pounds of pressure. Those who have had their garage in place since before 1993 should check whether or not they have this sensor in place. If they do not, get one installed to better protect yourself.




Every garage door that has been produced since 1982 require a quick-release mechanism to be installed onto the trolley that moves the garage door. In a situation where the automatic function of the garage door isn’t working, this allows you to still manually open the garage door, keeping you from being locked inside. Because springs can lose their strength over time, this function can lead to a falling garage door when disconnected. Make sure it is still functioning when using this function, having a professional replace when necessary.

There are a number of safety advances that have been made to garage doors in the last few decades. If your garage door was originally installed before these changes, there may be some safety features you are lacking. Make sure your garage door is properly functioning, and has all the safety required to protect your family, neighbors, and pets from these potential dangers.

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