Garages can be used as so much more than just a place to store your tools and car. Many people have completely rearranged their garage, turning it into something completely different. Whether that is a second kitchen, a TV room, or just a place to get away, the possibilities are endless.

The way garages are changing has inspired new uses for garage doors. There are now garage styles doors in homes that work the same, but add a new flare in the home.

The functional and the artisticgarage

Garage doors can be used for any room of the house. It gives you the chance to have a nice open area that can be enjoyed closed or open. The materials used in these situations may be different, but the concept is still the same.

If you are looking for a rustic look in your kitchen, consider investing in carriage garage doors in the front room. The windows are up higher, yet the entire panel can be opened to the yard. The doors open wider than any French Doors could, and offer more to your home than you can imagine. If you don’t like this, try out the glass doors, which let in more sunlight than any bay window.

The best uses

Using functional garage doors in your home works great in any room, but here are the rooms where they work the best:

• The kitchen, where they can open up into a nice eating area out on the back patio
• The living room, with an option for more outdoor seating

These rooms can only benefit from having an extra large space to enjoy the outdoor air. When the doors are closed, they hold a unique and classy look that will not be forgotten.

When remodeling your home, consider exploring the best interior garage door designs. They are individually designed to fit your needs. These doors are as useful as they are aesthetically pleasing.

By Cassie Costner