If your old garage door is on its last legs (or rollers!), spring is a great time to get a new one. The weather is more cooperative for installation and you can enjoy the benefits of your investment all summer long. With so many choices out there, how do you even begin to know where to start? The best way to make an educated decision is to get a little knowledge first: you need to consider type and material. Here are some tips that will help as you research Utah garage doors.


There are two basic types of garage doors: tilt-up (swing-up) and sectional roll-up. If cost is a big issue for you as it is for many of us during these difficult times, a tilt-up is definitely an attractive choice. It consists of a single solid pane that opens by rotating up and then outward. Many folks find this kind of kinetic engineering impractical for two reasons: the door cannot be opened if another car is parked on the driveway too close to the door; and in bad weather, snow or rain will be allowed into your dry garage every time the door is opened.

A sectional type is a little more expensive and should be installed by a professional, but it offers many distinct advantages: they are stronger and safer than tilt-ups, they operate just fine with tight space constraints, and put less stress on springs.


The three most commonly used materials for residential Utah garage doors are aluminum, wood, and steel. There are pluses and minuses for each:

  • Aluminum: lightweight and durable, aluminum never rusts and can be painted virtually any color.. The most common complaint with aluminum doors is that they dent easily if they are accidentally hit either by a car or by a baseball and can be difficult to repair when body damage is involved. Aluminum doors are no longer a part of many dealers’ product line.
  • Steel: Like aluminum, steel is lightweight and versatile but its main advantage is that it offers a wide range of insulation options. It is definitely stronger than wood and withstands any type of Utah weather with aplomb. Steel never cracks or warps and will last a lifetime.
  • Wood: Today’s wood garage doors are extremely attractive and offer the most options in terms of design. Wood is a natural insulator but because it is a natural product it is subject to seasonal contraction and expansion. In simple terms: a wood door requires regular seasonal upkeep to stay looking fresh, but many homeowners are happy to take care of wood doors because of their classic beauty.

Garage doors of all types and materials come in all kinds of innovative designs suitable for every style of home. Contact A+ Garage Doors for the very best in selection and service.