Is your garage door waking up family members in the house, or simply louder than you would like? There are a great many solutions for a noisy garage door, and chances are there is something simple that you can do to make your current garage door quieter. Here are some easy tips for handling a noisy garage door.

Isolate the motor.

This is a tip that many homeowners haven’t tried, and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. Take a look at your motor assembly. Most garage door motors are hung from the ceiling of the garage using metal hangers, and this can make for noisier vibration when your garage door is opening and closing. Consider swapping these metal parts out for rubber straps and bushings, or add a small layer of rubber between metal parts to help insulate the noise. Do a quick search for “garage door isolation kit” on the web to find the parts you need.

Tighten nuts, bolts, and screws.

Since vibration is a root cause of the noise that your garage door makes, it also makes sense to reduce noise by retightening the nuts, bolts, and screws in your garage door system. The daily vibrations of your garage door cause cause these to loosen over time, so this is something that you’ll want to do regularly.

Lubricate at any squeaky areas.

Inspect your garage door for any squeaks that could be contributing to the noise. If you notice any parts of your garage door system that squeak, go ahead and lubricate them as needed with some garage door lubricant spray.

Inspect your garage door for needed lubrication or repairs.

Of course, the quietest garage doors are free of problems that could cause a garage door to run louder than usual. Inspect your garage door to ensure that there are no noise-causing problems. There are a few places you’ll want to look. Your rollers, for example, can become squeaky over time as they wear, so be sure that they are not overly worn. You should also inspect your springs. If they are making any sort of clanging noise, then they might need to be replaced. Worn hinges can cause extra noise as well. This is an area where it may very well be in your best interest to hire a professional.

Swap out metal rollers for nylon ones.

Nylon rollers tend to be quieter than metal ones, so switching out your metal rollers for nylon ones can make a significant difference.