A garage is a wonderful asset for the home because of how it offers your vehicles protection from the harsh outdoor elements, not to mention thieves and vandals. Yet many garages of today are filled with so many other household items that cars have no space to occupy in the garage. If this describes your home, learn how you can clear out your garage for spring so that your car can once again enjoy its coveted parking space.

Move Misplaced Items

The garage can become a collection site for many household items that truly belong in other areas in the home or in a shed in the backyard. Lawn equipment, for example, might be perfectly at home in the garage, but if your backyard has a shed that has room to spare, consider moving some of that equipment to the shed. Holiday decor could go in the attic, as access to it is needed much less frequently.

Reduce Clutter

It’s important to take a thorough inventory of which items in your garage you truly use and which have gone a year or more without being moved from their storage space. If old electronics or yet-to-be-completed DIY projects are cluttering a corner of your garage, now is the time to consider clearing them out. Another thing to consider is this: Is an item worth saving for possible use in the future, or is the space it is occupying more valuable? Homeowners often forget to factor in the cost that they are paying to keep the items that they won’t let go of.

Wall Storage

The space along the walls of your garage can be utilized to create an extremely efficient storage system. Shelving is among the most popular options and is great for holding bins full of sporting goods, car accessories, and outdoor chemicals. There are other options, however. Hooks are great for frequently used rakes, snow shovels, and extension cords; and peg board and wall-mounted magnetic strips work especially well for tools and hardware.

If you’ve successfully reorganized your garage space and given your car a safe place to park at night, a new steel or wooden door can be the icing on the cake for your garage. Here at A Plus Garage Doors, we install a variety of steel and wooden garage doors so that you can find a look that suits your home perfectly.