Keeping your garage door locked can go a long ways toward preventing a burglary. A burglar who was recently taken into custody says that “it’s common practice for burglars… to try their luck with garage doors, as so many people leave them unlocked. Open garages, it seems, are… a bit of an easy touch.”


It’s quite common for burglars to go from home to home, simply opening unlocked garages, slipping in, and disappearing into the night with hundreds of dollars in valuables and the homeowners none the wiser. And leaving your garage door unlocked could have even more dangerous consequences. An Iowa man, telling about a recent burglary attempt on his home, shares the following harrowing story:

Mike Franzen was awakened by his wife at one a.m. when the doorbell rang. Franzen went to his interior garage door to see who it was, and opened the door to see a man in a black ski mask pointing a shotgun at him. Franzen slammed the door shut but the burglar fired the shotgun. The door mostly absorbed the blast, but Franzen took a couple of BBs to the hand. Franzen and his wife spent the next couple of hours hiding out while the burglar ran away.

Luckily, the story ended without casualties, but could have been avoided had the garage door been locked, preventing the burglar from getting to the interior garage door at all.

Make sure your Utah garage door is equipped with an automatic opener and is locked every night to prevent any tragedies from occurring in your home.