The garage can be a valuable resource in terms of keeping our lives together. However, very often, the garage becomes a storage unit for all the miscellany of yesteryear. Here are just a few tips for keeping your garage neater, less cramped, and more useful:

  1. Take everything out. It’s much easier to make a plan for organization when you know how much you have. Once you pull out the contents of your garage onto your driveway, you’ll probably realize that you have a lot more stuff than you thought you did.
  2. Assess what you have. Is anything broken or totally useless? Chuck it, give it to a friend or a family member, or have a garage sale. De-cluttering is 75% of organization.
  3. Make distinct piles of your items with labels such as “tools,” “auto supplies,” “emergency items,” “bikes,” and “toys.”
  4. Measure your garage to determine the size of the furnishings you’ll need to make everything work. Knowing the extent of your space may also lead you to do some additional de-cluttering.
  5. Determine what you’ll need for each zone. Consider purchasing a workbench, shelves, cabinets, or rolling shelves for storage. If you’ll be hanging items directly to a corkboard or the ceiling, you’ll need to pick up some heavy-duty hooks.
  6. Use bike storage. Bikes, poorly arranged, can take up a lot space. Consider purchasing a bike rack or hanging your bikes on the wall.
  7. Hang up your ladder. The ladder can take up a lot of space, so hang it on the ceiling from some heavy duty hooks or hang it from the rafters.
  8. Label everything. This is the last, important step. You put so much work into this good organization: help yourself out by leaving behind some reminders of how the organization works and why you chose to do it the way you did.

For more tips on all things to do with garages, contact the Utah garage door experts!