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Summer is the season of ice cream, swimming, and garage sales. Every Saturday a drive around your neighborhood will almost inevitably lead to you crossing paths with at least one garage sale. While the vast majority of the items here are probably things you really don’t need, there could be some great finds at these sales. Follow these tips for finding the best garage sales in your area, and use them to help you get the greatest deals.


Know What You are Looking For



Part of the fun of going to a garage sale is looking through unexpected items and finding something interesting, beautiful, or useful from them. Even though you should keep an open mind when attending garage sales, it is also a good idea to have a general idea of what you are looking for. These can be things that you don’t need immediately, but that would be nice to have for the right price. This way you can also ask those running the garage sale if they have any of the items you are looking for.


Scout it Out Beforehand



There are so many different ways those who are running the garage sale can market their merchandise. At one time the only way to know about a garage sale was by driving around the neighborhood searching them out, or by signage that was pasted on street corners. Now, the internet has become an increasingly important part of the process. Those organizing the yard sale can go on sites such as Garage Sale Tracker and advertise when their garage sale will be, and what some of the big ticket items will be. While not everyone running a garage sale will advertise online, this is a good place to begin looking.


Time Yourself



Timing is everything when it comes to yard sales. Know when the yard sale starts, and when they will be wrapping everything up. Rather than trying to meander to the event near the middle, choose to either get there at the beginning, or the end of the garage sale. Those who get their early will see the big ticket items that will most likely be picked off as time goes on. However, those who get there late will most likely get the better deals. Sellers don’t want to pack up all their belongings once again, and will instead be more likely to accept offers.
If you are going to a yard sale this year, make sure you know how to find the best deals for you. By doing a little research beforehand and getting your timing right, you will better find what you are looking for, getting the best price for your items.

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