If you are the proud new owner of an automatic garage door system, you’re probably wondering how you ever lived without it! An automatic system makes life easier in a hundred different ways, but it also presents some unique safety issues for you and your family. A+ Garage Doors is your Utah garage doors specialist and we want you to enjoy a problem-free experience with your new system. Here are some security tips to help you prevent avoidable mishaps.

Familiarize your children big and small with how the system works and set guidelines for how they should treat it. i.e.:

  • The garage door is not a toy
  • Garage door openers are never to be played with
  • Do not hang from the door
  • Do not play “chicken” with a closing door, etc.
  • Help them understand that the automatic door is a great convenience but it can be dangerous if it’s not respected.

If you have an exterior touchpad entry system, teach everyone how to use it and make sure they understand that codes are never to be shared. They need to understand that sharing codes can lead to dangerous strangers gaining access to the house.

Make sure your system receives regular maintenance from an expert repair service like A+. You should check your door on a monthly basis, looking for signs of wear. If your door isn’t functioning properly, sticks, or is making unusual noises, be sure to contact a professional right away. Parts for automatic garage doors operate under extremely high levels of tension, so for ultimate safety reasons homeowners should never undertake repair jobs themselves.