If you’re like most Americans, your garage door is used quite often – every time you head out to work and when you return. Not to mention the kids coming in and out, trips to the mailbox, and more. With all of its use, garage doors and garage door openers need to be replaced every so often. The standard life of a garage door is between 15 and 20 years, so depending on the age of your door and any damage that may have occurred, it may be time to install a new garage door. 

Is There Critical Damage? 

One of the biggest reasons to replace your garage door is because of the significant damage that happened. The damage could be from a variety of factors including weather, a teenage driver, or something else. If your garage door was recently damaged, it is a good idea to assess the situation and see if it is minimal damage like needing new paint or if it is something more severe like the garage not being able to open or close properly. Some of the damage you may encounter is just cosmetic and could easily be repaired but if the structure of the door is in question, it may be time for a new garage door installation. 

Is it Getting the Job Done? 

Garage doors have a purpose, mainly protecting your home from intruders, keeping severe weather out, safeguarding belongings, and more. If your current garage door isn’t functioning properly and mitigating these risks, it may be time to look into a new garage door. A damaged or aging garage door can affect the temperature of your garage which can also disturb the climate inside your home leading to higher energy bills. If you’re thinking it is time for a new garage door, check to see if it is still efficiently mitigating these risks and if it’s not, it may be the right time for a new garage door installation. 

Are You Updating the Look of Your Home? 

Another reason to update the look of your garage door with a new installation is that you’ve drastically changed the look of your home and your garage door no longer fits the look. Garage doors play a big role in your curb appeal and the overall look of your home and it’s possible that a new garage door will help increase the value of your home and the curb appeal. In many states, a new garage door sees a 100% return on investment. A win-win for curb appeal and the overall value of your home. 

Upgrading your home with a new garage door doesn’t have to be an expensive and daunting task. Reach out to our qualified garage door experts to find out how much it will cost and the options available to you.

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