Do you have a smart garage door opener? If not, you may want to consider improving your existing garage door opener or purchasing a new opener with smart capabilities. By upgrading your garage door opener, you’ll add many new features that are both convenient and safe. Have you ever driven away from your home and wondered if the garage door closed? With a smart garage door, you can easily check the status at any time.

Does a Smart Garage Door Make My Home Safer?

Realizing that you left your garage door open for an extended period can be stressful and worrisome. With a smart garage door, you can quickly check on an app on your phone if the garage door is open or you can set schedules that ensure your garage is always safe. For instance, set your garage door to close every night at 9 p.m. if it is left open. 

You can also remotely open the garage door for visitors or create multiple garage codes that work for different vendors and you can limit the hours that those codes can be used. Depending on the garage door opener you choose, you can also add security cameras inside the garage among other features. If you recently upgraded your opener but it does not have smart features, add-on hardware can change your garage door from standard to smart with ease. 

Smart garage door openers come with great apps for your phone that can give you unfettered access to your garage door. How do you open your garage door with your phone? Depending on the brand of the opener, you can use their proprietary app to open the garage from your phone. Many garage door opener brands can also sync with other services like Google Home, Alexa, Samsung Smart Home, and more. Some of these services may have an additional subscription fee. 

Why Do I Need a Smart Garage Door Opener? 

Smart garage door openers have a variety of security features but they also add several conveniences that make your life easier. Sync your garage door opener with Google Home and ask Google if your garage door is open or ask Google to open the garage door when your hands are full. One of the other amazing features you can use with a smart garage door opener is the Amazon Key delivery service. This feature allows you to connect your Amazon account to it which gives delivery drivers the ability to drop your packages in the garage rather than your front door.

Many of the apps for smart garage door openers also allow you to give friends and family access to your garage door as needed. You can give house sitters, family members, and more control so they can open your garage as needed.

There are also several power options for the smart garage door openers to make sure that you always have access even in a power outage. Many of the openers come with a backup battery to give you complete access no matter what. 

How Do I Make My Garage Door Opener Smart? 

If you’re in the market for a new garage door opener, ask your garage door salesperson what type of smart garage door opener would be best for you. Several brands offer top-of-the-line openers with a variety of options. We can recommend an opener that best suits your needs and the conveniences that you are looking for. 

If your garage door opener is in great condition but just needs to be upgraded, there are add-on hardware options that you can purchase and add to your garage door opener to give it the smart capabilities you’re seeking.

Having a smart garage door opener is a great convenience for your day-to-day routine and it will also give you peace of mind with the added security. Say goodbye to the days of checking to see if you left the garage door open or giving your passcode to a contractor or vendor. You’ll be grateful you upgraded your garage door opener every time it helps make your life easier and safer.

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