It is important to find the garage door that works best for you. The type of material that your garage is constructed from makes a big difference in how the garage performs, how long it lasts, and the maintenance that will be required. An aluminum garage door is one of the options that will give you peace of mind as you upgrade your garage.

Durable & Easy to Clean

One of the biggest reasons to purchase an aluminum garage door to replace your current garage door is how durable and clean they are. Aluminum garage doors are sturdy and reliable just like their steel counterparts, but have a cleaner finish to them. An aluminum garage door is also easy to clean and usually only requires a quick spray with the hose.

Full view glass garage doors, frosted windows

Lightweight & Rust-free

The weight of your garage door plays a critical role in the lifespan of your garage door opener and the life of the door. An aluminum garage door is lightweight which allows your garage door to operate more efficiently. The aluminum material is also rust-resistant to help your garage door last through the seasons. Both the lightweight and rust-free characteristics help the garage door require less maintenance.

Customized for Curb Appeal

Aluminum garage doors are also great for curb appeal and can be easily customized to match the look of your house. These garage doors are great to add windows to bring in additional light and improve your curb appeal. You can also add insulation panels to the garage doors to help stave off the heat of the summer and the woes of the winter. Aluminum garage doors are great for when you would like a custom or modern garage door style.

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