Are you a homeowner interested in what a garage door costs, especially in Utah? We’ve been doing garage door installations and replacements since 2005 throughout Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Park City, and surrounding areas and know a thing or two about pricing out a garage door project.

Please note that this guide is intended to give a rough idea of new garage door replacement costs, but not provide a true cost estimate. Every project is unique, and though the numbers we share here are based on years of experience, they are general figures intended to be a starting point of a new installation or a garage door replacement cost. If you want an exact amount and assistance with color and style choices and live in one of our service areas, contact us for a free estimate.

And now, let’s cover the main factors that determine how much a new garage door costs.

Garage Door Size

The first major factor in new garage door pricing is the size of the garage door(s). Size always matters here because of the amount of materials and labor that are required in order to manufacture, ship, and install the garage door. The larger the door, the higher the cost.

A steel 8’ x 7’ garage door (standard single door) will start at around $600 installed. A steel 16’ x 7’ garage door (standard double door) starts at around $900 installed. Keep in mind that this is for a steel, non-insulated door with a standard color, finish, and panel style. (More on that later.)

Garage doors that are 18’ and wider require struts to prevent bending and warping over time, which also requires more in materials and installation. These are installed per panel, so the overall amount depends on the height and width of the door.

Garage Door Insulation

Insulated panels can have a vinyl plastic backing or steel backing. Steel offers improved insulation value and panel strength, but comes at a higher cost. Adding insulation to a garage door usually adds about 30 to 50% to the price of a new garage door.

Garage door insulation helps manage the temperature of your garage and reduces sound that passes through and vibration while operating. On top of that, steel-backed, insulated panels are much more structurally sound and tend to last much longer than non-insulated doors, and we recommend them for projects where the garage door will be open and closed often.

Garage Door Material

Many materials are available for garage doors, including steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and more.

However, steel has become by far the most popular option because it’s the most affordable material while also being very durable and attractive. Most of the “wood look” doors you see around are very likely steel panels with a wood-like texture stamped during production and painted and finished to match. Many times you can’t tell it’s a steel door unless you’re standing very close to it.

Behind steel doors, aluminum and wood (or composite wood) are the other popular materials our customers select for their garage doors. Aluminum is required in some installations to reduce the size and weight of certain doors, such as full-view glass doors.

Real wood is also an option for garage doors, but is often a pricier choice due to the process required to make the door. They also tend to require more upkeep and maintenance compared to other materials, and depend heavily on the climate they’re installed in.

Color, Panel Style, and Finish

Garage door manufacturers optimize production around popular styles, so anything out of the ordinary could influence the overall garage door price. White, almond, sandtone, and a few other colors are generally the most popular and come as standard options. Custom colors and finishes such as wood grain patterns, non-standard colors, and powder coating will add to the final cost.

Panel styles also have standard options, the most common seen in Utah residences is the short panel:

These are popular with builders because they are often the lowest-cost option and a familiar style. But many manufacturers include other styles that can be selected at the same or slightly higher pricing, including long panels, bead board, and more.

By selecting a complementary color and style to your home or business, you can get a very customized look and feel without adding a lot to the final cost of your new garage door.

Garage Door Windows

Garage doors with windows have become very popular as a way to let natural light into the garage. Plus, they look really, really good.

The cost of garage door windows varies, depending on the manufacturer and options. Most manufacturers use window inserts, are installed by cutting space out of a panel and inserting the windows. These typically start at $150 per panel installed for a single door, and go up based on size and optional upgrades (glass/acrylic style, insulation, finish, etc.).

Some manufacturers, including Martin Door, have door models that come right off the assembly line with windows. These let even more light in due to slimmer framing, but also add to the overall cost.

Garage Door Accessories

There are other additions that can be included with new garage door installation costs. In some installations, weather trim is needed to bridge the gap between the door and framing, and can either be included as a set cost on top of installation or as per-foot pricing. We do both, but tend to recommend and install the trim along with the initial installation to reduce costs associated with service calls.

garage door arch windows utah

Decorative hardware is another accessory that is not required, but adds a nice touch to a new garage door. These are either magnetic or installed with screws, and will add a touch of texture, contrast, and realism to a door.

Other Garage Door Pricing Factors

Overall, from the company installing the garage door, the heavier the door, the more effort it requires to load, transport, and install the garage door. Smaller, lighter doors can be installed by one person within a few hours while larger jobs can take two or even more people.

Additionally, heavier doors can require heavy duty hardware, including hinges and tracks, to operate properly.

If there isn’t a standard amount of space for a garage door opener and track, special low clearance hardware may also be needed. There are openers and hardware specifically for these use cases, and the pricing will vary depending on several factors.

Getting the Best Price on a Garage Door Installation

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, it’s important to do your homework so you don’t get gouged on price or end up with something you’re not happy with.

  1. Research the company before getting an estimate. Make sure you’re dealing with a company with a good reputation. Check how many years they’ve been in operation. Look at their reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp, and take note of the responses the company has to negative reviews. Companies that care about their reputation will respond to and engage with negative feedback.
  2. Check the estimate closely. Most garage door companies will come out and give you a free estimate for your garage door cost. But not every estimate is created equal: review the details of the estimate, and make sure you know exactly where your money will be going. The line items should be tailored to your project, including specific sizes and additional options, so you can do an apples-to-apples comparison with other bids.
  3. Ask about the warranty. Find out if the work includes a warranty, and what it covers. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it, but things happen, and it’s better to be covered than left on your own.
  4. Beware of shortcuts. Reputable companies should be willing to give you a ballpark price over the phone with minimal information, but will also delve into your specific project needs before giving a firm estimate.

Shopping for a Garage Door in Utah? We Can Help!

We pride ourselves in providing the best service available in Utah. If you’re thinking about replacing a garage door or need a door for a new build, we can help you find what you’re looking for at a fair price.

We can perform an in-person or over-the-phone consultation, then give you a detailed estimate for new garage doors at a fair price. If you decide to work with us, we order the materials and schedule an installation. We also offer financing options with up to 12 months with no interest!

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