As winter approaches and temperatures continue to drop, thoughts of keeping your garage and home warm during this time become more important. While it is important to have a well-insulated garage all year round, it becomes especially critical during the biting chill of winter. Take the steps to properly prepare your garage for winter before the temperatures plummet.

Why Winterize?

Those with detached garages who don’t spend a lot of time working in them might especially wonder what’s so important about winterizing the garage. Even if you don’t spend an extraordinary amount of time, many of your belongings will, including your main source of transport. Extremely low temperatures can make it difficult for your vehicle to start when you need it. By raising the temperature of the garage, even slightly, your car will be in better shape. In addition to this, Water left inside objects such as power washers have the potential to freeze, bursting the casing. Even the most minimal efforts in insulation can protect from this.


Insulation may be simple to purchase, but it is important to install it right. Make sure that you choose the right thickness for the walls and carefully follow the instructions provided. The insulation needs to fit perfectly in the walls, not smashed in and not loosely gapped. Be sure to fasten the insulation securely so it cannot move around, providing your garage with the protection you need.


The weatherstripping is present on the big garage door. This weatherstripping is placed at the bottom of this door to block out the elements including wind, rain, and snow. Over time it can lose its protection ability and crack. Keep your eye on this, replacing as soon as necessary. A proper weatherstrip should seal to the ground when closed, protecting the garage.

Garage Door

Your garage door should be insulated for the best protection. If your garage door is not already insulated, there are ways to insulate it post installation. This is the biggest opening leading to your garage, and should be properly able to protect from the weather. You will see a great difference in the temperature of your garage during these cold months.

Your garage is crucial, even if you don’t feel that you spend a lot of time inside. Protect your garage and the belongings inside from the cold.

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